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For children aged 2 - 4


These are reviewed annually and calculated in order to correspond with funding received from Norfolk County Council. Please contact the Office for further details.

You will receive a bill at the beginning of each term. Our preferred payment method is via BACS. We accept many childcare vouchers (please contact the Office regarding your employment voucher provider).

For full price list please look under 'Forms'.


Funded Children (2, 3 and 4 year olds):

Due to government legislation, we do not request deposits for those children accessing funded hours only. Therefore, if your child only attends this setting for the funded hours allocated to them, no deposit will be required.

Non-Funded Children:

  •  A deposit of £100 (per child) is to be paid to the pre-school once their place has been confirmed.
  •  A deposit will ensure your child’s place and is returnable to you once your child has left Peapod and all fees are paid.
  •  If you have paid your deposit to secure a place in the September intake and then wish to remove your child, a four week notice period must be given before the end of our summer term (term dates can be found on our If you fail to provide sufficient notice then your deposit will NOT be returned to you.
  •  We cannot use deposits to pay any outstanding fees.

Combining Funded and Non-Funded Hours:

  •  If your child exceeds their funded hours, then a deposit of £100 (per child) is to be paid to the pre-school once the additional hours have been confirmed.
  •  A deposit will ensure your child’s additional hours and is returnable to you once your child has left Peapod and all fees are paid.
  •  This deposit will be retained by the Pre-School as security for payment of fees and will be returned within 28 days of the child leaving the Pre-School, assuming that all fees in respect of the child’s attendance have been paid in full.
  •  The Pre-School reserves the right to deduct from the deposit any sums due in respect of fees once those sums have been outstanding for in excess of 28 days.

3 Year old Funded Children

All children are entitled to a free early education place (up to 15 hours per week) from the beginning of the term after their third birthday until they reach statutory school age.

NOTE: A claim period may not correspond exactly to the pre-school term so there may be a small charge. We only claim for funding between the hours of 9am-4pm due to Funding Regulations.

Please take the time to read your funding form. If you have any queries regarding funding (for example, if your child’s hours do not add up to complete sessions), please contact the Office.

2 Year old Funded Children

If your family is in receipt of certain benefits, you may be entitled to claim free childcare funding for your 2 year old. Please contact th office to check whether you qualify and to find out more.

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News & Information

Peapod Pre-school hopes that all it's families are keeping safe during this time.

We are open Monday and Wednesday, 8am-4pm, during the Easter Holidays for the children of key workers who have no alternative childcare. We only have the capacity for 8 children, as to keep contamination risks as low as possible we only have 2 members of staff on site. The children wash their hands frequently and the pre-school is cleaned thoroughly every day.

We open again, Monday-Friday; 8am-4pm; 20th April; again only for 8 children of key workers who have no alternative childcare.

If you feel you need and qualify for this service please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Priority will be given to those children who already attend Peapod Pre-school. 



Peapod Pre-school is a Communication Champions Hub.

We will work with parents and carers to support their children's speech, language and communication development. 

We are always happy to have a chat if you have any concerns.


 Our setting has been judged as GOOD by Ofsted

Here is the link to the report if you wish to read it: 




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