Peapod Pre-School

For children aged 2 - 4

At Pre-School we aim to provide a safe and secure environment where children are free to develop learning through play without fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equal opportunities.

Children are encouraged to develop self-esteem and respect for others by talking about feelings and acceptable behaviour and, by adopting this approach, we hope to encourage self-discipline. We try to nurture positive attitudes by praising good behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with immediately and calmly with respect for each child’s feelings.

We would appreciate it if parents/carers could keep us informed of any change in their child’s life that may affect their behaviour, such as any illness, family change or worries that your child may have.



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Peapod Pre-school is a Communication Champions Hub.

We will work with parents and carers to support their children's speech, language and communication development. 

We are always happy to have a chat if you have any concerns.


 Our setting has been judged as GOOD by Ofsted

Here is the link to the report if you wish to read it: 




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